My name is Steve Briese. This blog was begun in conjunction with a book I have written about the Commitments of Traders Report just released by Wiley (March 2008). It is a comprehensive guide based on my 30+ years actively using and 20+ years writing about the COT report for paying subscribers to my Bullish Review newsletter.

This blog is intended as a central depository of Commitments of Traders information, providing free access to the COT historical data, as well as ongoing weekly reports. There is no need to pay for data. Mine is the cleanest available and it is free for personal non-commercial use.

In the early 1990’s I became nervous that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission might discontinue the COT reports. (They tried this before, in 1982.) So I wrote a articles on the Commitments report for several magazines, including Barron’sStocks & Commodities, and Futures Magazine in order to raise public awareness and demand for the report. I also did an interview with Bruce Babcock (now deceased) Editor In Chief of Commodity Traders Consumer Reports.

Since that time, I have resisted the temptation to join the thought-police and correct the various misconceptions and false conclusions published by the report. Due to the internet, these have become to numerous to monitor. I hope that my book will set the record straight and lead to further KNOWLEDGEABLE research and use of the COT data.

Contact me at Steve@InsiderCapital.com

About the blogger:

Steve Briese has been a trader since 1973, first in commodities, later in currencies and financial futures as the markets were introduced. He is the editor of several market letters beginning in 1988 with Bullish Review of Commodity Insiders. He did not just foresee the housing bubble, or the mortgage-backed security risk, or the derivative threat to the world-wide financial system, or the debt bubble, or credit default swap house of cards, he foresaw them all:

These are early warnings issued by Steve Briese:
2003 Mortgage backed securities huge risk
2003 Derivatives threaten financial system
2003 Debt bubble hangs over economy
2004 Glass-Steagall repeal–history lesson
2004  Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac gone wild
2004 Unprecedented Housing bubble
2004 Musical chairs in Credit default swaps
2007 Triple-digit annual bank failures due
2007 World-wide financial system at risk
Here are the timing calls:
Dec 1998 Generational commodity bull move
Mar 2000 NASDAQ market top
July 2005 Housing bubble top won’t be long
Oct 2007 Major stock market top
Nov 2007 Recession already here
Jun 2008 Commodity prices to plunge 50%
Jul 2008 Oil prices to collapse to $30
Jul 2011 Sell stocks