CFTC Expands Commitments of Traders reporting

By Stephen E. Briese
January 20, 2007
Exclusive to: CommitmentsOfTraders.ORG The Commodity Futures Trading Commission began publishing a new COT–Supplemental report last week that, for the first time, details the dealings of commodity index funds in US futures markets. The report will be released each Friday at 3:30 p.m. Eastern as an addition to the existing Commitments reports, which are not affected.


Welcome to I am starting this blog in conjunction with the release of the new COT-Supplemental report that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission has added to it regular Commitments of Traders In Commodity Futures reports release each Friday afternoon at. This will be a place to:

(1) view all Commitments reports.

(2) Collect and update chartable data (for all Commitments reports).

(3) View weekly COT price charts courtesy of Bullish Review (price data courtesy of CSI Data).

(4) Read drafts of my latest chapter in a book I am writing to be published by John Wiley & Sons later this year, working title: “The New Commitments of Traders Report,” which will actually be a comprehensive look at all Commitments reports.

(5) I hope to make weekly post highlighting a development in the most recent COT-Supplemental report.

Hope to see you weekly,

Steve Briese